Sumiket Natraj - Manufacturing a Wide Range of Servo Injection Moulding Machine
Since incorporated, Sumiket Natraj has been manufacturing a vast range of Servo injection moulding machine as per the clients’ requirements. Our machines are specially designed & assembled as per the standard norms and considering the high-end performance. This Servo motor injection moulding machine is widely used to produce plastic products in bulk by the injection moulding process. Moreover, our machines are passed through several testing procedures under the watchfulness of our professional quality controllers and then after delivery to potential customers across the globe.

Our Machines are known for their low maintenance, user-friendly applications, great performance and high operational fluency. We adhere to industry standard and stay updated with the latest market trends while manufacturing Servo Injection Moulding Machine. Our professional technicians and experts invest valuable time & effort in order to deliver an efficient product that greatly reduces cost & operation time.

What does Servo Injection Moulding mean?

It means Servo motor, servo valve control and servo drive are used to shape the molten plastics at high quality and at less operational cost. In simple words, servo motors are used instead of standard AC motors. These servo motors are far better than normal AC motors and can be controlled precisely, weigh less, less noise generation and top of these all it consumes less electricity and high performance.

What Makes Servo Injection Moulding Machine Better than Others?

Energy Efficiency:

Servo pump machines have developed in a way that they can reduce energy consumption. The servo motors only work if a hydraulic demands oil flow and when the no axis is working and no pump movement; there is no consumption of energy by the pump. The Servo-driven pump injection moulding machines consume only 65 to 70% compared to the standard moulding machine.

Lower Noise Level:

The servo-driven injection moulding machines have a very lower noise level than the standard machines. The noise level of modern Servo-driven moulding machines is under 68 dbA.

Easy to Operate:

You can easily operate the machine by following the manual. A little training to your technical staff is enough to operate the machines efficiently.

What Makes Sumiket Natraj Stand Out from the Crowd?

  • Delivering Servo-driven pump machines worldwide
  • Manufacturing and supplying customized machines as per the needs
  • Our team has state-of-art skills to maintain operational quality

Are you interested to buy Servo-driven injection moulding machine to produce products in bulk in a short time? Just give us a call at +91- 9727327925 or simply drop a message at; our sales team would love to deliver solutions as per your requirements.