Sumiket Natraj – #1 PVC Pipe Fitting Machine Manufacturer & Exporter in India
PVC Pipe Fitting Machine from Sumiket Natraj is perfect modular equipment to produce a different range of PVC pipe fittings products. Our machines are specially designed to produce bulk products in a short time. You only need to invest in a clamping force to mould the shape; rests of things are already equipped in the machine.

What Does Sumiket Natraj PVP Pipe Fittings Injection Moulding Machine Mean?

Sumiket Natraj series plastic injection moulding machines are featuring a box type bridge structure & connected real mold platen. Our machines can resist against fatigue, prevent deforming of predefined mould, distribute molten plastic into the mould uniformly, reduce the cost of moulded parts, increase high repetition accuracy & performance and last but not the least increase the service life of the mold. These all features are included in our PVC pipe fitting machines to make your tasks easier and produce bulk products at a lower cost.

PVP Pipe Fitting Machine Units with Their Importance:

A Specially Designed Systems:
Equipped with the high-quality PVC screw barrel, a high-efficiency cooling fan for to maintain the temperature and smooth moulding operations.

Clamping Unit:
It helps to increase the precision and rigidity of the mold. With our box type bridge structure, you will not get worried about the mould platens; they are durable. The tie rods in this unit are made of strong alloy steel and hard chromium to provide better mechanical and fatigue strength.

Injection Unit:
As we use the dual cylinder balance injection device, it will balance the uniform forces applied on the screw while injecting the molten plastic & moving ahead. The screw is also made from alloy steel with chromium plating are highly protected against fatigue & corrosion. This will improve the life span of a machine.

Lubricant Unit:
With our volumetric electric lubricator equipment, it helps to centralize and distribute the lubrication uniformly in the pipeline. So, the machine can provide high lubrication efficiency and of course, increase the toggle life.

Hydraulic Unit:
With the use of control valves, you can control the force applied on a screw, direction and speed of the hydraulic mechanism. This ensures the reliability, durability, stability and accuracy of the machine.

Why People Prefer Us to Buy PVC Pipe Fitting Machine?

  • Offer customized machines according to special requirements
  • On time delivery and quality after sale support
  • Longer lifespan of our machines
  • Provide training to your technical staff to run the machines
  • Machines are equipped with a high-end hydraulic mechanism that ensures safety, efficiency and accuracy.

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