Sumiket Natraj - Years of Experience in Manufacturing of Plastic Cap Machines
Sumiket Natraj has years of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting plastic cap machines. Our machines are fully equipped with all the necessary parts and advanced technology to produced plastic caps. Our high-end efficient machines are used to produce plastic caps of different types, size and shapes. Whether it’s a need for soda water, soft drink bottles caps or juice beverage; our machines can produce caps for all. Our machine parts are made from branded materials and high-quality equipment to produce caps precisely as per the mold to prevent the gas or liquid from leakage.

A Few Salient Features of Plastic Cap Machines:

  • The whole machine body is made compact and versatile
  • Built-in Control Panel to operate it with ease
  • Very low noise disturbance and low power consumption
  • Control the sealing pressure as per the size of caps for different gauges
  • Made from hard chrome plating parts to ensure resistance against corrosions and increases life

What Does Plastic Cap Machine by Sumiket Natraj?
The Plastic Cap Machines by Sumiket Natraj are used to making the plastic bottle caps of a mineral water bottle and carbonated beverages by high-temperature plasticizing. The caps made from our machines have excellent quality, précised and beautiful appearance. Our machines are equipped with the automatic temperature controller to keep them running smoothly. With the temperature controller, you can adjust the temperature level to ensure the stability of the equipment. Compare with the other plastic caps machines, our machines can produce 2-3 times more at the same energy consumption.

The Merits of our Plastic Caps Machine:

Energy Saver:
with the use of the high-quality hydraulic mechanism, there is very less power consumption during the operations.

Less Shrinkage Rate:
Less cooling and heating temperature gap attain less shrinkage of caps.

High Density:
Uniform moulding pressure ensures a higher density.

Flexible Mould Maintenance:
Easy to maintain the machine by lubricating it easily.

Less Resin Waste:
Very less scarp remains inside the barrel

Why People Choose Us?

  • Delivering the machines on time with all required features
  • Exporting machines worldwide
  • Provide energy efficient machines to save money and time
  • All our machines are made with the latest technology to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Highly experienced technical staff to manufacture and assemble machine parts

So, what are you waiting for? Get the free quote by making a call with us at +91- 9727327925 or shoot us an email; our team would come back to you with answers.