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Sumiket Natraj is a name to reckon when it’s a matter of making injection moulding machines. From PET Performing machines to PVC manufacturing machine; Sumiket Natraj manufactures and supplies the machines around the world. As we all know that the sale of smartphones has been raised with a rapid speed for the last couple of years and so, the demand for mobile cases has been raised gradually. To reach their needs; there is always a need for a machine which can produce a large number of mobile cases in a variety of designs in a short time. To consider the request of our potential clients; we manufacture efficient mobile cover making machines as per the customers’ demands.

Types of Plastic Used to Make Mobile Covers:
There are 3 types of plastic (hard, soft & hybrid) used to produce mobile cases. The hard plastic mobile Covers are made from polypropylene, hard polyurethane and polycarbonate while the soft plastic cases are made from polyurethane or thermoplastic polyurethane. And the hybrid cases are made from the combination of these ingredients.

How Mobile Cover Making Machine:

The plastic mobile cases are made with a customized machine called as an injection mould and this is made with a specific purpose to make cases in a predefined shape. This machine parts are similar to other injection mould machines and the working process is the same. The only difference is that plastic material and the mould shape is different. The molten plastic is fed to a machine at a high pressure into the mould made from strong material like steel to transform the molten plastic into the desired shape. Once the plastic attains the right design as per required; the product is popped out from the mould then decorated with the different styles and patterns.

Why Choose Sumiket Natraj to Buy Mobile Cover Making Machine?

  • Provide Efficient Machines with Multiple Purposes
  • Offer Machines at Affordable Prices
  • Adhere to industry standards and stick to high-end quality
  • Experienced Team with Advanced Skills
  • Offer after sale quality support
  • Provide Customized Solutions
  • Supply machines across the globe

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