Sumiket Natraj – A Well-Known Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad
Since establishment, Sumiket Natraj manufacturers & offers a vast array of plastic moulding machines that deliver high performance and extreme productivity. Our plastic injecting moulding machines have been appreciated by our potential customers around the world just because of excellent after sale customer services and high-end performance. Our machines are equipped with the energy efficient hydraulics system, designed for précised plastic moulding. Of course, we provide customized injection moulding machines for high-grade plastics.

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic Injection Moulding is nothing but a manufacturing technique to make products from the plastic material which are used to store food grade items and other stuff. The Molten plastic is directly injected into a mold at high pressure to transform the molten plastic into the desired shape. The mould is made from durable metal like steel or aluminum because they have to stay as it is even at a high temperature. FYI, this technique is broadly used to produce a variety of parts from small things to whole car body parts. Needless to say, this is the most common and efficient method for plastic parts production.

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Works:

Generally, there are two types of injection moulding machines Horizontal and Vertical. Among these two, horizontal Injection Moulding machine is widely popular while a vertical machine is versatile & can save floor space. The main parts of this machine are Hopper, barrel, heater bands, clamping unit, injection moulding screw and platens. Hopper serves as the funnel into a barrel and placed near the plastic resin to inject it. The plastic resin can be injected automatically, manually or via vacuum.
The injection moulding screw works as a dual; melt the plastic and inject it directly into the mold. The heater bands are placed around the batter to maintain the temperature during the injection moulding process. The clamps open & close the mould. The 2 platens are used to hold the mold.

What Makes Us Different Than Others?

  • Leading Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer and Exporter in India
  • Manufacturing machines for several decades
  • Delivering Excellent After Sale Support
  • Providing customized plastic injection moulding machines as per the needs

Our Plastic Injection Moulding machines are used to produce diverse products that are widely used in:

  • Industrial Parts
  • Textile Parts
  • Agriculture Parts
  • Electric Components,
  • Auto parts, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? A single machine can help you produce a variety of parts with high efficiency. To get the best quote for our machines; call us today at +91-9727327925 or shoot us an email at; our sales team would love to deliver solutions as per your requirements.